I'm Nihal Sahu. I live in Kozhikode. I used to live in Chennai until I returned to Kerala in 2013. Soon, I got obsessed with web development and spent the next 2.5 years writing software and tweaking the CCTV’s at my school to save, swivel, and restart randomly. I started a podcast called The Web Experiment which is now defunct. My interest in software gradually tapered off, and though I still occasionally write code, it is no longer my primary preoccupation.

Since then, I’ve been interested in Writing, Speaking, and Public Policy.

  • I write for The Huffington Post, Sitepoint Inc., and other magazines, anthologies, and newspapers.
  • I work at the Scripta Foundation, promoting reason, discussion, and debate which includes regular public speaking.
  • As Administrator of the Scripta Foundation, I try to foster public engagement with often complex and nuanced issues.

How can I contact you?

Is this Wordpress?

No, this is Ghost. I host most of my websites on Digital Ocean with the help of my reliable friends at Teezonic Digital Makers.