The Unfaithful Countryside


I wrote this little fragment a while back, on a train ride to Hyderabad for CIDMUN 2016. I was so bored that I just transcribed what I saw outside. I hope you like it :)

It was midday and the train had just started. Adil sat by the window, casting accusing glances at the heaving fields: The heaving fields of the unfaithful countryside with its streaks of red earth and green grass; the bricked ridges partitioning the paddy plots; the grimy rotundas of the men from housing colonies, goading their improbably obese wives to slam foam-lathered laundry on rough stone; the mined, rocky hills displaying pubic grass on their plateau’d mounts. He rested his face against the iron bars of the window, blinking at the sudden rush of wind and staring ahead. The train writhed and twisted on the tracks as he fell asleep and woke to a sprinkle of rain. A day passed, then a night, and then began another day in late February.